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We'll remove graffiti from your property quickly

Is graffiti making your property look worn down and uninviting? Reclaim your property's clean appearance with help from New Mark Property Services. We'll work diligently to remove every mark from your property without damaging your home or commercial building.

Don't try to wipe away scribbles from your building's exterior with a thinner or a store-bought graffiti removal product. You could damage your structure even more, making it almost impossible to remove the graffiti. Let the professionals at New Mark Property Services handle the removal process for you. We'll remove graffiti from your property by:

  • Painting - We can paint over graffiti, so that you don't have to tear down a structure or buy a new fixture.
  • Power washing - Using high-pressured power washing tools, we can remove set-in graffiti marks on stone and brick surfaces.

We'll determine the best removal solution for you, depending on the type of graffiti. Call New Mark Property Services today to have graffiti removed from your residential or commercial property 817-453-7733. We'll inspect the damage, and give you a free estimate.